Castle Hotel: 95-97 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302. Ph: 9641 1007

Settlers House York: 125 Avon Terrace, York 6302. Ph: 9641 1884

The York Terrace Hotel: 145 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302. Ph: 9641 2454.

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Camping will be available at the York Recreation Centre. Click here for info.

Dates and Times

Saturday 14th April: Harley-Davidson concert 5.30pm-10.30pm; Mt Brown Hill Climb from 9am

Sunday 15th April: Main Festival 10am-4pm

Food and Drink for sale

Castle Hotel: 95-97 Avon Terrace

Golden York Chinese Restaurant: 143 Avon Terrace

Jules Shoppe: 121 Avon Terrace

Nguyens Bakery: 111 Avon Terrace

Mad Mo's Cafe: 139 Avon Terrace

Settlers House York: 125 Avon Terrace

The Flour Mill Cafe: 10 Henrietta St

The York Palace Hotel and Terraces: 145 Avon Terrace

Terrace Cafe: 96 Avon Terrace


Motorcycle Parking is available along Avon Terrace from Joaquina St, McCartney St and just before Christies Retreat. Follow instructions from parking attendants onsite.

Vehicle CBD Parking can be found on Howick St, Janet Miller Drive, Lowe St carparks & Broome St. See event map for detailed locations.